50 or Older? Learn How to Find and Land Your Dream Job in 2021's 5-Part Webinar Series

2021 Job Hunting Strategies, Advice & Tips for Older Job Seekers 

5 Sessions / 5 Hours

As an older job seeker (that is, if you are 50 or older) you face job hunting challenges that are unique to your growing demographic. No call back? No interviews? Not hired?

We know the challenges you face. This webinar series will prepare you to compete favorably. You will learn about the hidden obstacles against you and ways to overcome them especially how to update your resume to get to the interview!

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Renée Ward, founder of Seniors4Hire® presents the series of webinars.

You owe it to yourself to make sure you are presenting your best self for today's market.

We are confident that this series will be beneficial and give you an advantage in your ability to find and land a job in 2021.

The Series Covers:

Session I

  • The USA Job Landscape 2021
  • Age Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Job Opportunities for Older Workers

Session 2

  • Getting Ready for Your Second Act
  • How to Find Job Openings
  • What to Avoid

Session 3

  • Resume Tips and Advice
  • Importance of Cover Letters & How to Write Them

Session 4

  • The Online Application Process
  • How to “Ace” Your Interviews
  • Follow Up and Beyond

Session 5

  • How to Confront and Overcome Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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